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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Lacoctelera2011 - PlugMod rev. 36B.Rv7.3


Plugins: 86

Premium: rapidshare - megaupload - depositfiles - netload - fileserve

AutoDelete: 6 hour(s)!

MaxFilesize: 5000 MB

Limit-Download: 2 per 21600s

How to use in

How to:

1. Insert link
2. Click "Transload file"
3. A page will pop up
4. Click an ad
5. Click back to Lacoctelera2011
6. Waiting for countdown
7. Click "Transload File"
8. Your file will be downloaded. Click on the link / File YOURFILENAME (xxxxx MB) Saved! / or insert this link to a download manager
9. / Delete Link: Delete / Use this delete link after you have finished downloading the file free up hard disk space for others.

How to video: Link


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