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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wupload ! Make $ $ 80 $ $ / 1000 Download in JUNE ! SUMMER SIZZLER PROMO WEEK 1!

Wupload, ultimate file hosting.

Valued Friends & Affiliates,
We are into the first week of the Summer Sizzler promo, and we are very happy with the activity so far!
A couple changes have been made:

Referral Earnings: You’ll notice that your referral list now shows accurate earnings of each referral down to the cent!
Removed Files: We have added the "Removed Files" section to your file manager so you can see which reported files have been deleted!
Select All: We’ve fixed the "select all" bug in the file manager!

Summer Sizzler Bonus Earnings:

The day after the end of each promo bracket, you will see a "Request Bonus Payout" link in your Earnings page. Click it to see your BONUS EARNINGS and request payout! It will be paid on the next payout!

There has been some great earnings so far – but let’s see how much money you guys can make!!

We have been working through some technical difficulties and have made progress, but we thank all of our affiliates for their patience and understanding while we continue to fix these issues!

Wupload, ultimate file hosting.

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