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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Digital Generation - Earn money with your CPU!!!

 A while ago a friend of mine showed me a site about a company named Digital Generation, its a company that aims to create a supercomputer by networking several computers of PC's across the internet, considering the cost of making and maintaining one them selves I guess this is probably a cheaper solution for them.

Anyway has you can imagine this would be great for us gamers... who of us haven't thought about making money while playing?
This is specially good if you're playing subscription/cash-shop based games or if you're like me just use it to get an extra income.

So I'll put here a tutorial about it.

Digital Generation website

All you have to do is run a program provided by Digital Generation which will authenticate you and launch the threads which is what uses the CPU. (you can invest in additional threads that multiply what you get)

Basically they pay us to use a small portion of our CPU, so far I never saw it use more than 1% of my CPU(which is outdated anyway) which means I have been able to play so far and did not notice and changes in the game performance.

Everyday at 00:00GMT the funds are added to your account and you can cash-out at any time providing you have the minimum amount to transfer which depends on the method:

  • Paxum: don't know
  • Perfect Money: 1$
  • Payza: 1$
  • PayPal: (going to be added in 15th of June)
  • Bank Transfer: 50$
Digital Generation website

This is first question we ask on these kind of things, is it a scam? do they really pay? do i need to pay? Short answer: No, Yes and its optional.

So here are some links of websites who dedicate them selves to verify the authenticity of companies such as this one.

The program contains no virus or Trojans.

You do not need to pay, but you can multiply you earnings by investing either your own money or money you have earned so far.

  1. Register an account at Digital Generation website
  2. Go to Profile and enter your cellphone number(including you country code), and a nickname(optional: only necessary if you want to use chat)
  3. Press Save
  4. You should now have a link in front of your phone "Get SMS with Code", press it and you should receive a confirmation code in your cellphone.
  5. Send an SMS back to the same number with the code you received. (just in case the number is +447937946882)
  6. Press the Download on the menu and install the program.
  7. Run the program

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